New images released on Monday by Google Earth from the Landsat 8 satellite are giving viewers a crisp, stellar glimpse of our planet. In a blog post , Google Earth Engine program manager Chris Herwig explained exactly how the updated technology takes the satellite view of earth from extraordinary to breathtaking. According to Herwig, the new images harness the power of the Landsat 8 satellite. Google Earth had relied on images from the satellites predecessor, Landsat 7. However, Landsat 7 images taken after 2003 suffered a setback when a hardware failure created large, diagonal gaps of missing data. Related Image Expand / Contract Brasilia, Brazil (Google Earth) Similarly, Herwig wrote, when satellite images are taken, they are often cloudy, but in different locations. To remedy this, the team combed through millions of images, chose the clearest pixels and stitched together a resulting cloud-free, seamless image of Earth. Related:

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More Google reviews. Take a quick look at the local rankings. Do you notice something that the top ranking sites have in common? You got it. Theyve got more Google reviews . Now this comes with a health warning. Dont go crazy here. This is not the opportunity to start pleading with 500 customers to give you a review overnight. This is definitely something you need to introduce as a habit over time.

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It wasnt active on my Galaxy S7 Edge, but did appear on my Nexus 7. Theres an official help site detailing the new section, so a rollout is certainly underway. Theres a new, dedicated section for early release apps in the Play Store. This section is divided into games and apps, with the obligatory warning that the app may be unstable. That caveat aside, you just need to hit the install button to try it out. A couple of paid apps are even on the list, which means youll have access to when the official version launches. Another new feature is a dedicated beta tab inside of the My Apps & Games section of the Play Store. Theres now easy access to any beta apps youve already installed. Here you can see which beta programs youve joined and uninstall any that may be giving you trouble. You cant get rid of system apps, of course, so if the Google app or Maps beta is giving you trouble then you might just want to roll back to the stable version. The story behind the story: Installing beta apps used to be a major pain, as you had to join a Google+ community and then wait for access.

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